Banners // Week 121 // Live Action - Tricky

These are the oldest banners I owe, for rangan_ryu and gatekeepers_21.
My apologies to lightskyes (Can you please tell me your current username? Your new account has been deleted.) and kreengles, I’ll make your banners as soon as possible!
My finals are finally over so I found some time to complete my work. Sorry to keep you waiting guys and forgive me for the rushed banners below. Let me know if there are any mistakes or if you don’t like your banner: I'll fix the problem or I’ll make your banner again.

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My apologies to minioda as well. I’m sorry I didn’t answer you but I couldn’t use my pc. I won’t cause trouble so I’ll finish all the banners. Thank you very much, anyway! :)


I regret to say that I must resign from banner making here due to college eating my soul as well as my roommate and therefore must step back for awhile. I'm very sorry for having to leave ;3

Anyways, here are banners for week 113 - Demon / Lyrics. Banners for dbleeper, xorli_stalkerx, & akai_byara ^^
If you would like any changes made to your banner or otherwise, please don't hesitate to comment!

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Star Wars - Zath/Kira

Week 115: Voting

Here is week 115s voting. We have 08 lovely entries this week! Happy Voting!! The new theme will be up soon! ^_^x

[x] Please vote based on the icon's look and interpretation and not the character/series used.
[x] Do not vote for yourself.
[x] Do not vote for the same icon twice.
[x] Vote for three icons in the special categories
[x] Voting will conclude and winners will be posted Sunday, March 9th 9pm PST.

First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:

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